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The docstring of the save method says:

Save the graphic in a file.

The file type depends on the file extension you give in the filename. This can be either:

  • an image file (of type: PNG, BMP, GIF, PPM, or TIFF) rendered using Jmol (default) or Tachyon,

  • a Sage object file (of type ".sobj") that you can load back later (a pickle),

  • an HTML file depicting the graphic using the Three.js viewer,

  • a data file (of type: X3D, STL, AMF, PLY) for export and use in other software.

    For data files, the support is only partial. For instance STL and AMF only works for triangulated surfaces. The prefered format is X3D.

A workaround, possible not the best, could be save in one of these formats and convert to the one you want.