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Still not have time to learn Python ?

  • The Pythonism for the conditional operator is <value> if <condition> else <alternative value>.No elif, but that's not an hindrance (elifis syntactic sugar anyway...).

Example :

sage: [-1 if u<0 else 0 if u==0 else +1 for u in range(-2,3)]
[-1, -1, 0, 1, 1]
  • Since a lambda function is, by definition, anonymous, there is, as far as I can tell, no way to "cleany" have it call itself.

There are some proposals to do this in contorted ways (amounting to recursively create, use and discard new anonymous functions), which I find difficult to understand in vivo and probably impossible to debug.

BTW, aping each and every Mathematica function is probably not a good way to learn Sage ; if you insist on modeling your code on a non-Python language, Lisp would be a much better example...