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Slightly annoying indeed: the show method for a permutation

  • computes a graph corresponding to that permutation
  • displays it
  • but does not return it

Instead it returns nothing, which in Python amounts to returning None.

That method should be decomposed into a method that provides the graph and a method that shows it.

Here is a workaround until such a method is provided.

One can check what the show method does by inspecting the source code:

sage: p = Permutation([3, 1, 2])

This helps us figure out how to produce the graph.

sage: p = Permutation([3, 1, 2])
sage: g = DiGraph([(i+1, p[i]) for i in range(len(p))], loops=True)
sage: g
Looped digraph on 3 vertices

Now we can get the LaTeX TikZ code for it:

sage: latex(g)

\Vertex[style={minimum size=1.0cm,draw=cv0,fill=cfv0,text=clv0,shape=circle},LabelOut=false,L=\hbox{$1$},x=1.6204cm,y=5.0cm]{v0}
\Vertex[style={minimum size=1.0cm,draw=cv1,fill=cfv1,text=clv1,shape=circle},LabelOut=false,L=\hbox{$2$},x=0.0cm,y=0.0cm]{v1}
\Vertex[style={minimum size=1.0cm,draw=cv2,fill=cfv2,text=clv2,shape=circle},LabelOut=false,L=\hbox{$3$},x=5.0cm,y=1.1015cm]{v2}
\Edge[lw=0.1cm,style={post, bend right,color=cv0v2,},](v0)(v2)
\Edge[lw=0.1cm,style={post, bend right,color=cv1v0,},](v1)(v0)
\Edge[lw=0.1cm,style={post, bend right,color=cv2v1,},](v2)(v1)

This might print a couple of warnings about required LaTeX packages.

The urls for them are outdated, see instead


Updating those links in the warnings and in the LaTeX tutorial is tracked at