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the file that gets generated automatically from my brot.sage file looks like this:

# This file was *autogenerated* from the file brot.sage
from sage.all_cmdline import *   # import sage library

_sage_const_3 = Integer(3); _sage_const_0p8 = RealNumber('0.8'); _sage_const_0p85 = RealNumber('0.85'); _sage_const_0p4 = RealNumber('0.4'); _sage_const_0p6 = RealNumber('0.6')
R, W, R_S, H, H_S, S = var('R W R_S H H_S S')

equations = [ S                 == R_S + H_S,
              R_S               == H_S,
              (R + R_S + W)     == _sage_const_3  * R_S,
              _sage_const_0p8 *(W+R+R_S)     == H + H_S,
              W/(W+R+R_S)       == _sage_const_0p6 ,
              R + W+ S +H       == _sage_const_0p85 ]

print solve(equations,[R, W, R_S, H, H_S,S ], algorithm="sympy", solution_dict=False)

And that looks a lot like my input file. It gets re-created if i delete it, too. I see the lines leading up to the stacetrace, too.

Its great that it works for you, though.

Where can start tracking down this problem?