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Welcome to ask.sagemath!

Actually there is some interactivity for 3D plots in SageMath, in particular in the Jupyter notebook, with the three.js 3d viewer, which shall become the default viewer in the next stable release of SageMath (9.0): the interactivity is (cf. the reference manual)

  • Zooming in or out with the mouse wheel or pinching on a touch pad
  • Rotation by clicking and dragging with the mouse or swiping on a touch pad
  • Panning by right-clicking and dragging with the mouse or swiping with three fingers on a touch pad

See e.g. the 3d plots in this notebook to play with some examples.

On the other side, there is no interactivity on 2D plots (except for those explicitly constructed with the interact widget). As a skilled coder, if you would like to implement such a functionality in SageMath, you are most welcome!