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WorksForMe (TM). On Python3-based Sage 9.0.beta5 running on Debian testing:

charpent@zen-book-flip:~$ cat ~/Temporaire/Sagemath/AskSage48780/import-error-on-debian.sage
R, W, R_S, H, H_S, S = var('R W R_S H H_S S')
equations = [ S                 == R_S + H_S,
              R_S               == H_S,
              (R + R_S + W)     == 3 * R_S,
              0.8*(W+R+R_S)     == H + H_S,
              W/(W+R+R_S)       == 0.6,
              R + W+ S +H       == 0.85]
print(solve(equations,[R, W, R_S, H, H_S,S ], algorithm="sympy", solution_dict=False))
charpent@zen-book-flip:~$ sage ~/Temporaire/Sagemath/AskSage48780/import-error-on-debian.sage
[{R: 0.0314814814814815, W: 0.283333333333333, R_S: 0.157407407407407, H: 0.220370370370370, H_S: 0.157407407407407, S: 0.314814814814815}]

You'll note that Sympy insists on giving its solutions as dictionaries...

You'll note that your error stack starts by quoting lines from your input file, whoch bears very little semblance to what you have given us as your input file.

Did you play with hard links recently ? or have had disk troubles ?