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From your expression for e it is clear that you want to interpret an integer $n < 27$ as an element of the field $K = \mathbb{F}_{27} = \mathbb{F}_3[c]$ by taking the base-3 digits of $n$ as coefficients of the powers of the generator $c$. To do this in Sage you should be more explicit, because coercion of integers into $K$ is the "modulo 3" operation, which is not what you want.

For example:

sage: K(17) # modulo 3
sage: 17.digits(base=3)
[2, 2, 1]
sage: K(17.digits(base=3)) # "vector" to field element
c^2 + 2*c + 2

So what works is:

e = [P(K(i.digits(p))) for i in srange(0,p**q)]