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That was the point of the old Sage notebook, now considered as unmaintainable.

Attempts are done to interface Sagemath and Jupyterlab, which would allow such multiple interactions. Search for that in the sage-devel archives. IIRC, this will be much easier with a Python3-based Sagemath.

You can also develop a dedicated Web server using Sagemath as a backend. The real difficulty is to choose between a "single-shot" service (i. e. any Sagemath use is self-contained) and a session-based service (i.e. queries at time t can use definitions and statements made at t'<t). in="" the="" first="" case,="" you="" use="" sagemath="" almost="" as="" a="" library,="" in="" the="" second="" case,="" your="" application="" must="" maintain="" its="" sessions="" (or,="" equivalently,="" launch="" one="" sagemath="" session="" per="" user.<="" p="">