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The documentation of plotting options is indeed cumbersome and hard to track. As you can see in the doc of the plot function:

sage: plot?

You can read:

 * For the other keyword options that the "plot" function can
   take, refer to the method "show()" and the further options

So, you can access to more options by doing:

sage: p = plot(-1/2*x+1,(x,-2, 8), rgbcolor=('#00c147'))

Then you will read how to use a ticks option, so that at the end, you can do something like:

sage: plot(-1/2*x+1,(x,-2, 8), rgbcolor=('#00c147'), ticks=(range(-2,9),range(-3,3)))

There are many more options. In particular, you can see how to pass most matplotlib tricks to tune your plot.