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Three.js in conda-forge

The ImportError: cannot import name 'THREEJS_DIR' is happening in conda-forge because there is no three.js packaged in conda yet. You could open an issue at so we can work on a fix.

No browser is launched

I don't know why you don't get any visible output with online=True. This seems like something is broken in your local setup. Somewhere in your .sage directory (probably ~/.sage/temp) there should be an HTML file that you could open manually in your browser in the meantime.

To debug what's going on, you could try to run something like

sage: _system = os.system
sage: def system(*args, **kwargs):
....:     print(args, kwargs)
....:     _system(*args, **kwargs)
sage: os.system = system
sage:'threejs', online=True)

You should then see the command that sage is trying to run.

Python3 errors

You should probably open a ticket at about this (after checking that no such ticket exists yet.) Python3 support in Sage is very experimental.