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Consider the following code. It follows the description of your relabeling method (I'm not sure of what you really want to get). I can display the relabeled graph.

def relabeling(G):
    deg = sorted([(d,u) for u,d in G.degree_iterator(labels=True)], key=lambda x: x[0], reverse=True)
    L = dict()
    k = 0
    for _,u in deg:
        if u in L:
            # The vertex has already been labeled
        L[u] = k
        k += 1
        for v in G.neighbor_iterator(u):
            if v in L:
                # v has already been labeled
            L[v] = k
            k += 1
    H = G.relabel(perm=L, inplace=False)
    return H

G = graphs.RandomGNM(10,20)
H = relabeling(G)