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sage: Modules??
Init signature: Modules(self, base, name=None)
class Modules(Category_module):
    The category of all modules over a base ring `R`.

    An `R`-module `M` is a left and right `R`-module over a
    commutative ring `R` such that:

    .. MATH::

        r*(x*s) = (r*x)*s \qquad  \forall r,s \in R \text{ and } x \in M


    - ``base_ring`` -- a ring `R` or subcategory of ``Rings()``
    - ``dispatch`` -- a boolean (for internal use; default: ``True``)

    When the base ring is a field, the category of vector spaces is
    returned instead (unless ``dispatch == False``).

    .. WARNING::