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I wrote sagews.

I find the Jupyter notebook cell system more to my liking than a sagews. I believe that users would also, but I have no real experience with that.

Some users prefer one (much) more than the other, in each direction. It's a distribution.

My vision for the future of sagews vs jupyter is probably:

  1. Make the sagews file format be compatible with Jupyter's.
  2. Possibly create a sagews kernel, so it's possible to use Jupyter to work with a sagews. This would be necessary, since sagews have a lot of functionality/syntax that is not compatible with or supported by Sage's jupyter kernel.
  3. Make it so the Sagews "single document" view versus the Jupyter "a whole bench of separate cells view" are just different ways of viewing the same notebook, and you can switch back and forth...

We have easy convertors from sagews to jupyter in cocalc, by the way.

  • William