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From the "Files" view in a CoCalc project, the "Filename" box lets you create files by either

  • typing a file name in the "Filename" box and hitting ENTER,
  • clicking the "+ New" button and selecting a file type.

Among other file types, you can create

  • a CoCalc worksheet (if you input a name ending in .sagews)
  • a Jupyter notebook (file ending in .ipynb)
  • a code file (file ending in .py, or .sage, or many other extensions)

You can also open a terminal (type a name ending in .term and hit enter).

If you don't specify a file type, you get a CoCalc worksheet.

You can of course type the content of your Sage program in a .sage file, say experiment.sage, then run that program by opening a CoCalc terminal, typing

sage experiment.sage

and hitting enter.