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Having defined A and G as follows,

sage: A = Matrix([[0, 1], [1, 0]])
sage: G = DiGraph(A)

we have a directed graph G, which has a method all_simple_cycles.

The following only refers to the method itself

sage: G.all_simple_cycles
<bound method DiGraph.all_simple_cycles of Digraph on 2 vertices>

while the following is the result of applying the method to G.

sage: G.all_simple_cycles()
[[0, 1, 0]]

So if we save the method itself,

sage: save(G.all_simple_cycles, 'temp22')

we can then reload it:

sage: asc = load('temp22')
sage: asc
<bound method ?.all_simple_cycles of Digraph on 2 vertices>

and possibly apply it to G:

sage: asc(G)
[[0, 1, 0]]

while if we save the result of applying the method to G,

sage: save(G.all_simple_cycles(), 'temp22')

then reloading it gets us the list of all simple cycles of G:

sage: ascG = load('temp22')
sage: ascG
[[0, 1, 0]]