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First, you may look at the documentation which list the kind of arguments you can try:

sage: S = sphere()

The variable M1 is not defined in the question so show(E1+E2+E3+E6+M1+S1+S2, aspect_ratio = 1, frame = false) returns NameError: name 'M1' is not defined on my computer. Removing M1 from the sum, I am able to run show in about 1s (running on a recent computer with Ubuntu 16.04):

sage: %time show(E1+E2+E3+E6+S1+S2, aspect_ratio=1, frame=False)
Launched jmol viewer for Graphics3d Object
CPU times: user 172 ms, sys: 16 ms, total: 188 ms
Wall time: 1.01 s

image description

Then, using zoom and figsize arguments I get for Jmol viewer:

sage: t = E1+E2+E3+E6+S1+S2 # +M1
sage: %time'spheres-jmol.png', aspect_ratio=1, frame=False, zoom=1.5, figsize=20, viewer='jmol')
CPU times: user 164 ms, sys: 8 ms, total: 172 ms
Wall time: 1.36 s

image description

and for Tachyon viewer:

sage: %time'spheres-tachyon.png', aspect_ratio=1, frame=False, zoom=1.4, figsize=10, viewer='tachyon')
CPU times: user 64 ms, sys: 8 ms, total: 72 ms
Wall time: 2.23 s

image description

You may want to test the other viewers (see the documentation I have mentionned above).