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To expand on @vdelecroix's answer, you could try the following (let us know which of them work!).

  • using Sage-Windows: open a Sage shell and type sage - i latte_int there;
  • using the SageAppliance in VirtualBox: open a terminal and type sage -i latte_int there.

If you don't know how to open a Sage shell or a terminal, there is a workaround, using !. Inside a running Sage, if you type something like !<command>, then Sage will tell the shell to execute the command <command>.

So, inside Sage, you could type the following (don't forget the initial !):

`!sage -i latte_int``

and that should launch the installation of latte_int. It might be that you then need to restart Sage to use it.

I think that should definitely work in the SageAppliance. Not sure about the Sage-Windows installation. Let us know!