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Unfortunately, this is a known bug with the default 3D viewer (Jmol) in Jupyter notebook. Use instead the new threejs viewer, like in this example:

var('x y z')
T = RDF(golden_ratio)
F = 2 - (cos(x+T*y) + cos(x-T*y) + cos(y+T*z) + cos(y-T*z) + cos(z-T*x) + cos(z+T*x))
r = 4.77
G = implicit_plot3d(F, (x,-r,r), (y,-r,r), (z,-r,r), plot_points=40, color='darkkhaki')
show(G, viewer='threejs')

Then, you can perform the following actions with the mouse buttons:

  • left to rotate the object
  • middle to zoom in/out
  • right to translate the object