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First, to remove the arrows, one possible way is to use render_solid. The following code will not draw the rays (which are by default drawn as arrows).

sage: QF.<a> = QuadraticField(2)
sage: dd = Polyhedron(ieqs=[[0,1,-a,0],[0,1,a,0],[0,0,-a,1],[0,0,a,1]])
sage: dd.render_solid()

Second, to get a bigger picture, there is a work around by multiplying the rays by a certain scalar.

sage: dd2 = Polyhedron(rays = [100*r.vector() for r in dd.rays()])
sage: dd2.render_solid()

This is not as clean as specifying the ranges on each axis, but is a start.

Currently, to plot the polyhedron object, it uses the data of the polyhedron and it is not (yet) possible to set a certain range for the axis.