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Goo' searches with strings like

"Unable to find remote helper for 'https'" git Repo clone
"fatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'https'" git clone_from python

collect some reasons for the error, and give some hints, that may solve the problem. (I do not use git. Yet...)

It seems that a curl dependency is very often the reason. (Some people have even purged and reinstalled...) E.g.

(You did the search certainly repeatedly, but...)

I also had some issue with the fact that sage -sh is hiding some environment variables. Or i am setting them elsewhere. In such cases...

(sage-sh) me@home: $ printenv | grep "^GIT"


sage: for env in os.environ:
....:     if env.startswith( 'GIT' ):
....:         print env, "=", os.environ[ env ]

may check them.

Good luck!