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The latest linux (slackware) version I was able to find is 7.3, which I'm using. I'll try to find 7.5.1 and report back...

Maple gives a different answer for the integral, and maple has a simplify function which reduces the integral to (bln(acos(x)+b*sin(x))+ax)/(a^2+b^2).

I tried to use the simplify_full function for the sage integral, and it didn't change anything.

In order to get 7.5.1 I downloaded the source code, but it wouldn't compile -- it came up with an error about sem_open, which I traced back to a known error #3770 which I couldn't use to unravel the problem. Accordingly, I tossed the source and downloaded the binary (Ubuntu 64-bit.bz2) and the file terminated abruptly, so I went to MIT -- their download worked, I could unzip and run it. If you've read this far, I have one more request --

When I compare this version of sage to 7.3, this does funny things with colors as I type a line in console mode -- which is especially troubling since it changes open and closed parens to big white blocks. Is there a simple way I can turn that off?

Thanks for your help.