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With the help of a PARI programmer and OEIS regular I cleaned up my code:

wief = DiGraph([prime_range(3600), lambda p, q: power_mod(p, q-1, q^2)==1])
sc = [[0]] + [sorted(c[1:], reverse=1) for c in wief.all_simple_cycles()]
tbl = [sorted(filter(lambda c: len(c)==n, sc))[0] for n in range(1, len(sc[-1]))]
for t in tbl: print 'n=%d:'%(len(t)), ', '.join("%s"%i for i in t)

and posted it to OEIS sequence A271100 Wieferich n-tuples. I used it to increase the number of listed terms from 15 to 300. We'll probably bump that to nearly 10k soon : )
*For the community, I'd like to add mouse-over hints describing what each piece of code does but I'm a noob.