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Looking at the file prodiced, the labels (and even the name) of the graph do appear:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<graphml xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
  <key"multiedges" attr.type="boolean" for="graph" id="d2" />
  <key"name" attr.type="string" for="graph" id="d1" />
  <key"selfloops" attr.type="boolean" for="graph" id="d0" />
  <graph edgedefault="undirected">
    <data key="d0">False</data>
    <data key="d1">Herschel graph</data>
    <data key="d2">False</data>
    <node id="0" />
    <node id="1" />
    <node id="2" />
    <node id="3" />
    <node id="4" />
    <node id="5" />
    <node id="6" />
    <node id="7" />
    <node id="8" />
    <node id="9" />
    <node id="10" />
    <edge source="0" target="1" />
    <edge source="0" target="3" />
    <edge source="0" target="4" />
    <edge source="1" target="2" />
    <edge source="1" target="5" />
    <edge source="1" target="6" />
    <edge source="2" target="3" />
    <edge source="2" target="7" />
    <edge source="3" target="8" />
    <edge source="3" target="9" />
    <edge source="4" target="9" />
    <edge source="4" target="5" />
    <edge source="5" target="10" />
    <edge source="6" target="10" />
    <edge source="6" target="7" />
    <edge source="7" target="8" />
    <edge source="8" target="10" />
    <edge source="9" target="10" />

Hencce i would rather say that there is an import issue.