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By default Sage builds the pari library with graphics support disabled. I imagine that this is because the graphics support provided by Sage itself is much more sophisticated. If you read the script which does the building of pari (in the Sage source tree this is the file build/pkgs/pari/spkg-install) there are some comments about this, including how to build pari with graphics support. I have not tried it but it looks as if you just have to set the environment variable PARI_CONFIGURE to either "--graphic=auto" or "--with-fltk" before building Sage from source. This would not work from a binary download, but if you have already built from source then try setting this variable, then running "sage -f pari" (to force a recompilation of pari) and then "make" in the Sage root directory (to rebuild stuff which depends on the pari library) might work.