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For the first example, you can use parametric_plot3d

sage: v0 = vector([1,0,1])
sage: v1 = vector([-2,1,3])
sage: v2 = vector([0,-1,1])
sage: s,t = var('s,t')
sage: parametric_plot3d(v0 + s*v1 + t*v2, (s,-2,2), (t,-2,2))

And for the second one you can use implicit_plot3d

sage: x,y,z = var('x,y,z')
sage: v = vector([-1,2,1])
sage: X = vector([x,y,z])
sage: implicit_plot3d(X.dot_product(v) == 1, (x,-2,2), (y,-2,2), (z,-2,2))