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Yes. SageMath Cloud is the easiest way to embed Sage computations into LaTeX. You can also do so if you have Sage and LaTeX installed on your computer locally. Then you don't need an internet connection. This can be done for Window, Mac, or Linux. But some users have problems getting Sage and LaTeX to work well on their computer.

SageMath Cloud makes using Sage and LaTeX easy; it doesn't matter what type of computer you have and the cloud is using an up to date version of Sage. The sagetex package documentation can be found at CTAN here. Download example.pdf for lots of ways you can use the sagetex package. Another place for examples is on Tex StackExchange. The question here has an answer which uses the sagetex package. Just copy and paste the code into a LaTeX document in SageMath Cloud. Search that site for the keyword sagetex and you will have lots of examples to get you started.