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I think you need to give that function the property keyword... but also look at the documentation.

- ``property`` -- (default: ``lambda x: True``) any property to be
      tested on graphs before generation, but note that in general the
      graphs produced are not the same as those produced by using the
      property function to filter a list of graphs produced by using
      the ``lambda x: True`` default. The generation process assumes
      the property has certain characteristics set by the ``augment``
      argument, and only in the case of inherited properties such that
      all subgraphs of the relevant kind (for ``augment='edges'`` or
      ``augment='vertices'``) of a graph with the property also
      possess the property will there be no missing graphs.  (The
      ``property`` argument is ignored if ``degree_sequence`` is

That's a large caveat as to what sort of functions can be put in there, so perhaps this is also part of the problem.