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It really depends on your daily python uses. According to packages, it is not so clear: your distro may propose a lots of packages, for example in Debian:

apt-cache search --names-only python | grep ^python | wc

Leads to 1846 available packages, which you can install very easily. Moreover, some general-interest software rely on python and are integrated/tested with the one provided by your distro (and may depend on python package that will be hard to remove with the package manager).

As for me, i use Sage's python for mathematical related stuff, and distro-python for other (e.g. sysadmin) uses.

The best long-term solution would be to have Sage being able to use the python that is shipped by the distro, not the converse.

By the way, if you plan to remove your distro's python and let your system use Sage's everywhere, I will be curious to hear about your experience !