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This is not necessarily a built-in in Sage. You can use matplotlib directly, but either way it looks like it might take a little extra time. See this stackoverflow question for a good example of how to proceed. The first thing I would suggest is to find a way to get your dates in Python datetime format. This stackoverflow question has the good suggestion of

sage: from dateutil import parser
sage: dt = parser.parse('131118')
sage: dt
datetime.datetime(2013, 11, 18, 0, 0)

In Sage the problem will be getting the circles to plot, because they will not accept datetime instances for coordinates. But you could use the parser above to create a tick formatter that would work - see here for one of many examples of such formatters. Sage should accept any matplotlib formatter properly in the tick_formatter argument to a plot, though again you may have to do something inventive to pass in just numbers rather than datetime instances.