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If you just want to package several data items together and refer to them by a name rather than a numerical index (in which case you could use a list), you can use the python library namedtuple:

You'd end up with something like:

sage: from collections import namedtuple
sage: T=namedtuple('T',['scalar','M'])
sage: t=T(2.0,H)
sage: t
T(scalar=2.00000000000000, M=[s^2 + 10*s + 25               s])
sage: t.scalar
sage: t.M
[s^2 + 10*s + 25               s]

It's meant to be a variant of a tuple so it's immutable (after creation you can't change the attributes). If you need that, you can just write your own class, as Niles points out.

You could also make it a dictionary if you don't mind referring to the field names by string:

sage: d=dict(scalar=2.0,M=H)
sage: d
{'M': [s^2 + 10*s + 25               s], 'scalar': 2.00000000000000}
sage: d['M']
[s^2 + 10*s + 25               s]