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One option, if you can't get Sage to work, is to use CHomP. You could define your simplicial complex X in Sage and then do

sage: f = open('filename.txt', 'w')
sage: f.write(X._chomp_repr_())
sage: f.close()

This will save X in CHomP format in the file filename.txt. Also, from a shell prompt ("$"), run

$ sage -i -s chomp

This will compile several CHomP programs, including simchain, which you should be able to run using

$ /path/to/sage/spkg/build/chomp-20130518.p1/src/bin/simchain filename.txt output.txt

Then the file output.txt will have the chain complex data for your simplicial complex. It will be stored in CHomP format, but it's readable. You might be able to extract what you need straight from this file, or you can write some code to process the file, say read it into Sage and convert it to Sage matrices, and then work with those.