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I'm not seeing this. Indeed,

sage: latex(solve (temp,diff(y)))
\left[D[0]\left(y\right)\left(x\right) = \frac{45 \, y\left(x\right)^{\frac{2}{5}}}{2 \, {\left(5 \, \sqrt{x} y\left(x\right)^{\frac{2}{5}} + 6 \, \sqrt{x}\right)}}\right]

which shouldn't have this.

Unless you're referring to the D[0](y)(x) with the (x) part? But remember, you defined y to be a function of x. So solving for diff(y) will still solve for it in this sense. You can't (in Sage) ask for the "type" of a symbolic function to change like that. At least, I think that might be what you are referring to?