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According to this post, the OS on which the sage binary was built (RHEL 5.6 tikanga) uses openssl 0.9.8. Unfortunately, the openssl library is not shipped with Sage binaries. Hence Sage will use the openssl library that is installed on your computer. According to this post, your OS (Fedora release 17) uses openssl 1.0.0. Openssl 0.9.8 and 1.0.0 are not compatible, which explains your problem.

This problem was reported as trac ticket 13666.

You can fix this by either:

  • find a copy of the files and shipped with RHEL 5.6 tikanga and copy them to ${SAGE_DIR}/local/lib/ and `${SAGE_DIR}/local/lib/' respectively.


  • compile sage from source on your machine