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  1. You should download the sage-5.8.ova file from one of the mirrors in
  2. After that import the ova file into virtualbox by using the method outlined in

This should get your sage installation up and running. For more information on how to work with the virtualbox installation, look up this page:

To migrate your worksheets from sage-4.7 to sage-5.8

  1. Create a shared folder between your sage-4.7 in virtualbox and your Windows.
  2. download all your worksheets after starting sage-4.7 (you can select "Download all active" from the Home page) and save them in that shared folder. It will be in zip format.
  3. If you have archived worksheets, then you need to download them too.
  4. In virtualbox set up the same shared folder between sage-5.8 and your windows.
  5. Start sage-5.8 and upload the worksheets by selecting "Upload" from the Home window and then select that zip file that you downloaded earlier.
  6. Ensure that all the worksheets you need have been transfered. After you are convinced that you have done everything correctly, you can go ahead and delete the sage-4.7 installation.