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There is a wiki page about how to set up a sage server.

  1. Users in the sage notebook are setup and stored in the file ~/.sage/sage_notebook.sagenb/users.pickle. All of the configuration in the notebook including the worksheets are in that notebook directory ~/.sage/sage_notebook.sagenb.

  2. If you really want to share users across different installations, you would have to copy the directory I mentioned above. I would advise you

    1. not to simultaneously run different sage servers on the same notebook directory, or,
    2. use copies of the same notebook folder across different machines, unless you have a really good real-time directory synchronization method in place.
  3. If you allow openid access, then you can not use the same notebook directory across different URLs.

  4. You can simply backup the notebook directory from time to time. I do that through a script running under cron that backs up the notebook directory periodically, and deletes old backups.