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You could post this on sage-support mailing list and see what the maintainers of the Mac app have to say about this. The reason why you get the login screen over and over again is because the Sage application/server is not shut down properly on Mac. It is always running in the background. Hence, any new Sage startup checks if a server is running, then it finds a server already running, and so it simply opens a webpage with the login screen.

A way to work around this is:

  1. use the "Activity Monitor" in Mac and kill any Sage process that is running.
  2. Then, start your notebook from the command line (i.e. using Terminal) with the "reset=True" parameter to reset your password.
  3. From now on, it should be running properly and even if you do get the login screen (because a previous Sage app is running in the background) you should be able to login using the newly reset password.