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Hi Emil,

this is due to a logical bug in the atlas spkg: the system-wide variable SAGE_FAT_BINARY currently takes precedence over the specific variable SAGE_ATLAS_ARCH as explained in the trac ticket

A possible workaround until it is fixed is:

  • cd ${YOUR_SAGE_ROOT}/spkg/standard/
  • tar xvf atlas-3.8.4.p1.spkg
  • modify atlas-3.8.4.p1/spkg-install according to the proposed patch (this is around line 203).
  • tar cvf atlas-3.8.4.p1.spkg atlas-3.8.4.p1
  • compile as usually exporting SAGE_FAT_BINARY='yes' and SAGE_ATLAS_ARCH='PIII'

Ciao, Thierry