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Okay, try this: change the last line of find_dual_cell to

return SimplicialComplex(dual_cell_facets)

It's always an option to create a simplicial complex without specifying the vertex set – it is then deduced from the list of facets – and in fact this will become the preferred way of doing things some time soon (after the patches here are merged). Anyway, with your original code, I get an error with Sage 5.4 (but not with a prerelease of Sage 5.5, which includes the relevant patches). By modifying that one line, it seems to work in Sage 5.4 as well.

  • I guess then you can delete the function find_cofaces and the one call to it in find_dual_cell.
  • I don't have the time to figure out why your original code fails, but at least I think we have a fix.
  • Would it help to be able to do sage: K.face_poset(options...) with options including facade=True? That would be an easy thing to add to Sage.