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I have versions in VMware running as well, just so I could learn what the program does. My issue lies in, this needs to be installed on a rack mounted server(legacy) that lives in our college campus DMZ. I can find a bunch of documentation to install and test the software, but only about half of it actually works. I am a student employee at the college and I get to put in 5 to 10 hours a week on this install. I was at the college until 2 AM last night and managed to get a sage version 4.3.2 compiled and running on Ubuntu 10.04.4. Well almost running, I had to install 6 more packages than the documentation I had said to install. I now have sage working at the command line level and in my local browser, which pops up nice and pretty when I run the notebook command. My problem is I need to be able to connect to this server from all over the campus, yet can't connect from the same VLAN. I could go with a virtualized solution, but then I would need to write the scripts that start the virtual machine manager, and then start the virtual machine itself. Plus I would have to write the scripts that would shut the virtual machines down when the system reboots for updates. Trying to get this done while taking my final semester of Cisco Networking, leaves little time to plow through mounds of paperwork, and try to figure this out. If all else fails maybe I can just burn all the math students a live sage CD. Thanks for your input Dirk, I wish it solved my delema