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You have a number of questions here.

  • The iOS app is not actually native Sage. What the apps (also the Android one) do is to communicate with a server API that computes individual code fragments one at a time. (Which is still powerful, if you have a long enough fragment.)

  • Dependencies are at the components page of the Sage website.

  • R code can be run in several ways, documented in various places; here's a question on this site which mentions some. I don't think that the %r syntax works in iOS yet (?) but the r.kruskal_wallis() method should work okay. A lot of people use Sage and R together effectively (including myself) to use the best of each.

  • Haskell does not interface with Sage.

I should point out that a lot of this would have been pretty easy to find with a generic web search, but hopefully this will help not just yourself but others looking for it as well.