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If you look at the source for the Matlab interface, you can see that it's still pretty rudimentary. In particular,

sage: M = matrix([[1.1,2.0000002],[3,4]])
sage: M._ma<tab>

doesn't reveal anything to convert it to a Matlab format. It turns out you can do

sage: matlab.sage2matlab_matrix_string(M)
'[1.10000000000000, 2.00000020000000; 3.00000000000000, 4.00000000000000]'

but I don't know if that's what you want.

It looks like this interface could use a lot of work. Perhaps you might contribute? Also, if you really just need an open source alternative, Octave is very good. Interestingly, there is

sage: M._octave_()

though of course one needs Octave installed and in the PATH to use it.

On a tangential note, I've opened Ticket 13291 to do some minor improvement to our internal testing stuff that I found while looking at this.