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@daniel.e2718, it is actually easy to implement. Sage 5.0 comes with sagetex installed. You can verify this by typing at the sage command prompt sage -i | more to view a list of installed packages. You will see sagetex-2.3.3.p2. This means all you have to do is share the windows folder that is your tex working directory. You do this by going to Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, selecting the Machine->Settings menu path and finally selecting Shared Folders on the left navigation pad. Finally, as The SageTEX package pdf manual states,

To copy the fi les that LATEX needs into your texmf directory (your windows shared folder), simply do

cp -r $SAGE ROOT/local/share/texmf/* HOMEPREFIX/texmf/

You can test your windows tex editor with the provided example.tex now located under your shared folder:

  1. In Windows, build the example.tex file.
  2. In the sage command line process the example.sagetex.sage output file.
  3. Rerun the example.tex file under Windows and all the sage code will be processed in the pdf document.