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I see. Well, first off, the things in your saved are not actually graphics file, but Tachyon scenes. Secondly, we can access things in the notebook via the DATA variable. Borrowing some ideas from the thread mentioned in the other post:

for i in range(len(saved)):

os.system('cd '+DATA+'; convert -delay %s -loop %s *.png "Done.gif"'%(int(100),int(2)))
os.system('ls '+DATA)

This shows that the Done.gif is there. If you then go to the "Data..." menu and choose it, you will see it and be able to download it. That's not ideal, but a lot better than nothing.

where to look

Naturally, this all assumes you have animate working properly (because that requires the convert command we are using here). Probably I should also use sage-native-execute but I don't really understand that.