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The short answer is "we don't have this yet".

The long answer is that we have the kummer_u function implemented (search for hypergeometric_U), but not the kummer_m function in question, and the former only as a numerical function.

You can always access Maxima stuff in a roundabout way, though I couldn't do more than

sage: maxima_calculus('load(contrib_ode)')
sage: maxima_calculus('kummer_m(-1,1/2,-1)')

Note that

The only use of this function is in solutions of ODEs returned by odelin and contrib_ode. The definition and use of this function may change in future releases of Maxima.

and I couldn't get it to evaluate numerically, though maybe it does.

Also, mpmath has both solutions so we could easily implement this symbolically in Sage. I've updated the Trac wiki about this, though my guess is that we will focus first on getting some of the more well-known special functions more fully supported in Sage. You can get the numerics now by doing

sage: mpmath.hyp1f1(2,-1/3,3.25)

Finally, if you want to make your own symbolic function now for this, you can follow some of the examples like our new beta function, which has positive review, and it would be possible to just add your own custom code for this by cutting and pasting.