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I guess Shashank is referring to the Live CD option. (Pls correct me Shashank!) Its very portable solution, IMHO, which requires lot of resources, especially more memory.

I was successful (to compile, install and run) with sage on my 7-year old DELL with Celeron 1.3GHz, 256MB RAM, 40GB HDD with Ubuntu 9.04. (I have about 2GB swap).

I downloaded the tarball (sage-4.5)and compiled it using make. It took almost 13/14 hours for the compilation. (Of course I had already taken care of the dependency issues. Make sure about versions of gcc & m4.)

Here is a small tip to speedup the process little bit. (Got them from sage-support mailing list)


$ export SAGE_CHECK="yes"

$ make

Then after successful compilation, you can try ./sage -testall and wait for few more hours. (I have skipped this step and ran my own code). The only problem with this is it takes too much time and sometimes the process appears to be hanged.

So I am pretty much sure that sage can run your system. Wish you all the best with compilation!

-- VInay