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Sage has been built and run on very low-end devices. Yours probably doesn't have enough RAM to build Sage, though you could try (ATLAS seems to be a blocking point). It certainly has been built on systems with 512 MB, maybe some sort of swap thing could make it work (I am not an expert on this part at all), you could try.

As to running it, though, you might as well see if there is an appropriate binary on the download page (see Shashank's answer). If that doesn't work, though, don't give up hope! The sage-support email list is a good place to ask questions about whether someone might have the same system as you do, but with a little more RAM so that they can build it, then send you a binary. You should have (just barely) enough memory to actually run it, and certainly enough hard drive to download and unpack it.

Good luck!