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Helloooooooo !!!

My mistake, as usual :-)

So, to answer your points :

1) The connectivity of a clique on n vertices is n-1. Yes, you are right, all the textbooks say so, this is the convention, and I just thought that "it makes no sense to look for a vertex cut in a clique" when I coded this method. I'll fix that in a patch.

2) The answer returns 1.0 instead of the expected 1. The reason is that this method also handles weighted cut, but you are right when you say that it feels odd to get a non-integer value. This is actually fixed by patch 11367 which is waiting for a reiew right now. If you want to give it a review, it will finally be merged into Sage : I can write many patches but I can not review my own patches myself :-)

3) I will fix the typ in the same patch, Thanks !

4) Well, this is actually testing for strongconnectivity but I did not find it very hard, as this is what you expect to compute when you try to compute the connectivity of a directed graph. One can cast it to an undirected graph otherwise... Do you think it is a bad idea ?