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In my opinion, the funcion desolve_odeint (in versions >=4.6) provides what you want. Basically it takes a symbolic expression as the vector field, it compiles it to a fast float expression and then integrates it using the scipy.odeint solver. I have never used with hundreds of variables, but let us know your experiences...

In your case I would do the following:

sage: var('x, y')
sage: mu = 10.0
sage: dy = (y, -x + mu*y*(1-x**2))
sage: dy_fc = [expr for expr in dy]
sage: xx=srange(0,50.05,0.001) # I would plot more points
sage: ics=[1.0,0.0]
sage: sol=desolve_odeint(dy_fc,ics,xx,[x,y])

and if you want a nice plot

sage: line(sol)+plot_vector_field(dy_fc,(x,-2,2),(y,-15,15))