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There's a note about citing Sage on the Publications Citing Sage page. It links to the Publications using SAGE wiki page, which has the following:

If you use Sage in a book, paper, website, etc., please contact us and reference Sage as follows:

William A. Stein et al. Sage Mathematics Software (Version x.y.z), The Sage Development Team, YYYY,

where you should change x.y.z to the exact version number you used for your publication. Also change YYYY to the year that reflects the version of Sage you used for the publication. To reference Sage using BibTeX, use:

  Key          = {Sage},
  Author       = {W.\thinspace{}A. Stein and others},
  Organization = {The Sage Development Team},
  Title        = {{S}age {M}athematics {S}oftware ({V}ersion x.y.z)},
  note         = {{\tt}},
  Year         = {YYYY},

To reference Sage using TeX, use:

W.\thinspace{}A. Stein et~al., \emph{{S}age {M}athematics {S}oftware
({V}ersion x.y.z)}, The Sage Development Team, YYYY, {\tt}.

Also, be sure to find out what components of Sage, e.g., NumPy, PARI, GAP, that your calculation uses, and properly attribute those systems (for example, ask on sage-devel). Similarly, consider finding out who wrote the Sage code you're using and acknowledge them explicitly as well.