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You can try something very dirty that will probably work. Sage's spkg are stored in spkg/standard. I assume you have a tarball for scipy-0.9.

1) go to spkg/standard

2) tar xvfj scipy-0.8

3) cd scipy-0.8

4) rm -rf src/

5) mkdir src

6) untar the scipy-0.9 tarball

7) copy the content of the scipy-0.9 folder in the src folder

8) going back to spkg/standard

9) mv scipy-0.8 scipy-0.9

10) tar cvf scipy-0.9.tar scipy-0.9

11) bzip2 scipy-0.9.tar

12) mv scipy-0.9.tar.bz2 scipy-0.9.spkg

13) cd ../..

14) sage -f scipy-0.9

15) wait for scipy-0.9 to install (cross fingers)

16) start sage (no need for sage -b scipy is a runtime dependency not a build time one)

17) enjoy scipy-0.9 in sage - hopefully